Detroit Free Press Travel Writer Waves Goodbye

After a ton of frequent-flier miles, Ellen Creager is taking the buyout.

DetroitFreePressLogoAs we reported last week, both of Detroit’s daily newspapers have thinned out their ranks at year’s end via buyouts. On the Free Press side, one of those opting for the print-media emergency exit is travel writer Ellen Creager, a veteran of 33 years and a travel writer since 2003.

In a fun farewell column published over the weekend, she looks back at some of her stranger and heretofore unrevealed moments as a salaried globetrotter. At one point, she punchlines an anecdote with:

I do believe that to this very day, I am the only Gannett employee ever to file a worker’s comp claim because of frostbite caused by dogsledding.

Ha ha. The assignment that led to this distinction was in Greenland. Other memories from Creager include an unwanted kiss in Tanzania and a touchy time at the Lebanese border. There’s also a funny recurring reply to her editors that Creager would give when asked how everything went, and a nice italicized note at the very end thanking several newspaper colleagues.

Read the full column here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.