Detroit Gets a Boost from Eminem, Chrysler Ad

The “Imported from Detroit” ad was “the big story of the night,” says NPR. The third-quarter Chrysler ad featuring Eminemmade the rounds “over and over in online buzz,” with consumers, the story adds, quoting NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey Co. that tracks online buzz.

Downtown landmarks made an appearance in the ad, which resonated with viewers far beyond the 8 Mile Eminem made famous.

“Someone at Chrysler’s ad agency deserves a raise, a promotion, and/or a pat on the back for the Detroit-love in the car company’s Super Bowl commercial this year,” says a Racked post that calls Detroit “the American city to watch right now.”

Gawker TV says it’s “a goose bump-inducing work of pure art,” echoing online cheers that the city came out ahead, painted a survivor in the face of great adversity. As Eminem says, “This is the Motor City and this is what we do.”

The Detroit Free Press, meanwhile, has nearly 300 comments on its article about the ad, which suggests the ad tagline may take on a life of its own. “Don’t be surprised if the ad’s tagline, ‘imported from Detroit,’ starts showing up on T-shirts and ball caps — locally and in all those places where expatriate Detroiters struggle to describe their home,” the story says. “Maybe now they can just pull up the ad and say, ‘this is what I’m talking about.'”

ESPN isn’t quite as moved, however. A story points to Eminem’s appearance in both the Chrysler ad and one for Lipton Brisk. “I suppose Chryslers must have large, Lipton Brisk-sized cup holders,” the story quips. “Which is good, because then you can take your drink with you and don’t have to risk stopping for a drink in Detroit if you get thirsty.”

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