Facebook Developer Site Updated With New Documentation, Tools

Last month atĀ F8, Facebook launched an updated version of their Platform Developer site that includes some changes to its documentation and tools.

This transitionĀ coincides with the movement away from Facebook’sĀ older REST API to theirĀ new Graph API. Among the changes were a new Showcase page, a more rich Platform Live Status page, and most importantly new Platform Documentation. The Platform Documentation is currently being migrated away from theĀ old Wiki style content to new static documentation as Facebook looks to deprecate the Wiki. To aide in the transition, Facebook has opened a documentation category in Bugzilla to collect all documentation-related “bugs” (omissions, errors, etc.) in one place.

Shortly after the update, many developers startedĀ noticing theĀ absence of the Developer Tools in the new site. A bug was opened in Bugzilla to address the issue, and has since been resolved. Whereas the old Developer Tools resided on a central page, the new tools are spread through the documentation in the appropriate places. For example, the FQL Test Console is now located on the fql.query REST API page.Ā SimilarĀ Test Consoles can be found for various old REST APIs. Note, the new Graph API does not have a Test Console as all dataĀ can be accessed via any web browser.