Third Party Developers Can Count Down To Demise With Handy New Calendar From Twitter

Some third-party Twitter app developers seem to be burying their heads in the sand, hoping to escape the inevitable Twitter chopping block.

Make no mistake, optimistic sirs (and madams), assimilation is the only way – so read up on the time you have left to adhere to Twitter’s new API restrictions detailed within or use this handy calendar as a countdown to your doom. Either way – happy holidays!

Twitter has released a handy timeline for its upcoming and already-in-progress API changes because they know developers have “a lot of moving parts to stay on top of.”

In the past few months we’ve announced new APIs, deprecated old APIs, added endpoints and additional data to responses, changed SSL certificates, and made a host of other changes. Keeping track of all the dates and details can be painful.

Though not nearly as painful as seeing your app rendered impotent.

With that in mind, we’re releasing a page on this site which aims to answer “what API changes are coming up in the future” and “what API changes have recently happened”.

And we suggest adding a “what happens when third-party Twitter apps die,” so those soon to be financially-destroyed developers have something to read to their children to help them through the grieving process.

The calendar will display “planned timelines for upcoming changes, and links to the appropriate announcements. You’ll also see when previously announced changes went live. It’s about as cool as a non-chocolate-filled calendar can be.”

And that’s about as funny as a quasi-pink slip can be, we suppose.

Here it is:

Here’s hoping your app is up to snuff!

(Head in sand image from Shutterstock)

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