DEVO Donates an Original Energy Dome to Ohio Historical Society

Given all the incessant buzz this weekend, we’re fairly certain that you’re all now reading us on your fancy new iPads. While it feels a little weird to be poked and squeezed and multi-touched all over, we’re happy you’re here. But iPads aren’t important right now. What is important is DEVO. This weekend, the design-friendly, synth pop band announced that it has donated a number of personal artifacts to the Ohio Historical Society, including an original Energy Dome (one that appeared in “Whip It” no less), which the group first created as students at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. So while we we perhaps a little too hard on the Buckeye State last Friday, knowing that DEVO still loves the place makes us want to take back all those mean things we said. Slightly unrelated, but if you haven’t been watching the band’s market research tests (we talked about them a few weeks back), you should be. Here’s the latest, released on Friday afternoon:

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