Diane von Furstenberg Digital Director: Anytime Anyone Writes A Question On Facebook, ‘We Respond Within Ten Minutes’

Meredith Fisher, Digital Media Director for Diane von Furstenberg, said today at our mediabistro Circus conference in New York that the brand is “defined by authenticity,” an ethic that is pushed by their founder, Diane herself.

Fisher said DVF looks to “translate what we’re doing in social media into traffic to our website, and to our stores, where we can hopefully drive people to become customers, but also increase our brand awareness.”

The company had a blog before Fisher joined the team two years ago, and it still includes posts from von Furstenberg herself. “It’s become a really amazing place for our employees to learn bout the company, from Seoul to San Paolo,” she said.

DVF also has an active Facebook presence where they actively engage on their “wall” on a daily basis.

“Anytime anyone writes a question [on Facebook], we respond within ten minutes,” she said. “Our fans appreciate the personal connection.”

Fisher also said that Diane has taken a very active role in promoting the company’s Twitter presence. “We do mix our Twitter feed between corporate and personal. Anytime Diane tweets, she initials it DVF. We never send out tweets assuming we’re someone else.”

While the “social media return on investment” or “ROI” question is a constant debate, Fisher had an easy answer. “There is real ROI and we’re tracking it on a regular basis. Before you invest money, spend a little time and do research on things you can do without spending money.”

For example, Fisher cited a 250% increase in sales when the company created “Social Thursday” last Thanksgiving. The stores were closed, but DVF offered a discount code via social media and encouraged people to shop online. It was a “massive success,” she said.

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