Dibbz releases free SDK for adding branded rewards to mobile games

Image via Dibbz

Mobile rewards company Dibbz has announced the launch of a free version of its Dibbz rewards SDK for developers on iOS and Android. The Dibbz platform allows mobile game developers to reward their players with real-world prizes for accomplishing milestones in their games.

The rewards SDK can be integrated in less than five minutes, using a single line of code at the point(s) developers wish to reward their users. Completing such a task presents players with a Dibbz overlay ribbon, where the reward can be manually claimed. The Dibbz platform offers rewards from companies including Burger King, The Body Shop, Starbucks, Subway and more.

“We’ve invested a lot of time developing a solution that works for both brands and developers” says Nick Slater, Co-Founder of Dibbz, in a statement. “Dibbz was established with one principle in mind: to allow game developers to monetize whilst improving the experience for the end user, representing a win for both.

“Our ad and monetization solution is designed specifically for mobile games, giving developers the ability to introduce real rewards to their users at moments of achievement. Imagine getting a high score in your favorite game and receiving a voucher for the coffee shop near you – we deliver this kind of rewarding brand engagement across our network”.

In its initial launch, Dibbz has seen engagement rates of more than 30 percent, and has been integrated into top Android titles including Cool Cherry Trees’ 2 Player Reactor. Developers interested in integrating the SDK in their games can learn more on Dibbz’s website.