Dick Morris Column Lights Up Twitter

A column in The Hill by Republican Strategist Dick Morris has a handful of people all atwitter.

In it, Morris makes the case that Democrats, who made electoral gains in the last election, will doom themselves by continuing on a platform promoting increases in tax rates and federal spending.

Morris famously predicted GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney would win the election by a landslide. Of course, that was horseshit.

Media Matters’ Jamison Foser sarcastically paraphrased Morris’ column as, “And so, by being spectacularly wrong, I was right.”

Foser’s colleague Simon Maloy expressed dismay that Morris’ column was “published by an actual newspaper.”

Talking Points Memo‘s Benjy Sarlin described the column: “An introspective Dick Morris looks deep within after the elec– just kidding. ‘Obama lost by winning!'”

After Morris’ election prediction bungle, Media Matters ran a story citing numerous staffers at The Hill questioning his credibility. “He is a laughingstock, especially the way he acted in this last election,” one anonymous staffer reportedly said.

More reaction to Morris’ piece…

  • “Dick Morris earned his reputation as a loser for a reason. LMAO.”– Political Psychic
  • “Morris has no more credibility. NONE.”– GFH, self-described “conservative Republican”
  • “When did Dick Morris start writing for The Onion?”– Zombie Broder

The Hill has declined to comment. No reason given.


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