Did You ‘Watch Jimmy with Jimmy?’

Last night “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” host Jimmy Fallon sat down with some of his crew and live-streamed commentary as their show aired on NBC. WebNewser was excited to see the finished product, as we wrote last week, and it did not disappoint.

Of course, it was not without hiccups. Fallon did not appear until after a few minutes, and the commentary and discussion was a bit all over the place at first.Once they got into the show and comfortable giving commentary, it became much more interesting to watch.

As the week goes on expect the commentary to get better and better, and the technical hitches to mostly go away. In the event that you missed the event live, Fallon’s team is syncing up a recording of the commentary with video of the show, but as “Late Night” producer Gavin Purcell tweeted to me last night: “it ain’t the same.”

Check out “Watch Jimmy with Jimmy” all this week on “Late Night,” and view the live-stream here.

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