Diehard Apple Fans Would Flock to Company’s Internet Radio Service Without Hesitation

GroupM Study: iRadio would be "potentially disastrous" for Pandora and Spotify

Consumers apparently have a lot of blind faith in Apple.

The tech giant, per the New York Times, is expected to enter the Internet radio space as early as next week, taking on established players like Spotify and Pandora. And according to a survey of 1,000 Internet radio users, it could be a big opportunity for Apple.

The study, conducted by GroupM Next, found that 34 percent of respondents would switch from their current Internet radio provider to Apple, without even seeing the product. Forty-nine percent said they would at least be interested in checking out Apple's service.

"Consumers express faith in a product experience that steps outside of Apple’s mainstream product offering, based on brand name alone," wrote Jesse Wolfersberger, director of consumer insights at GroupM Next. "And for that, Apple has the competition to thank—Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify and others—for delivering a marketplace and services that have gained adoption the world over."

Apple's offering is expected to be free and ad-supported, according to the Times, similar to Pandora, Spotify and others (though Spotify also has a paid subscription product). And Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that the company's iAd service is expected to power the new service.

The GroupM Next study concluded that Apple's radio service could be "potentially disastrous" for its Internet radio competitors, because of the likelihood of current Internet radio users jumping ship to Apple's service. "Should Apple decide to flip the switch on this product, it will be an absolute game-changer in the digital audio market, and likely another big win for Apple," Wolfersberger wrote.