DiGiorno Pizza Delivers Awesome with Live Tweets of ‘The Sound of Music’

So, last night, I’m re-living my early childhood when my mother thought forcing me to sit through Julie Andrews twerking … eh, twirling (sorry) … in the Alps would soften my soul somehow. Meh? ICYMI: NBC aired a live presentation of “The Sound of Music” featuring Carrie Underwood.

While I’m sitting there with my baby girl, Twitter is blowing up my phone. Being the social media troll I am, I had to peek and then, like a reality TV person on the hippie lettuce with the munchies, I began craving pizza. I brave the ice storm North Texas is experiencing and buy a garlic-crusted pepperoni. Well played, DiGiorno.

More about their genius live tweeting after the jump…

There I am, hurling pizza down my gullet and watching my Twitter feed as the princess delicately places bites of pepperoni into her mouth while cherubs sing overhead. What ever possessed DiGiorno Pizza to take over Twitter — more of that, please? Everyone was talking about the gamble NBC took with a live show. What about this gamble of a frozen pizza make live tweeting to the harmonious tune of something like this?!

Nice. And it gets even awesomer.

Yes, even better than the show itself.

Who the hell is this social media savvy savant? I’m asking for a friend.

And they even understand iambic pentameter?! Wait … what?


There’s more, but you get the idea. They delivered so more than pizza. They uplifted an entire brand by having some giggle snort fun on behalf of NBC. Lovely.

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