Digital Chocolate Integrates OpenFeint Social into iPhone Game

Today, Digital Chocolate announced that they will be integrating the OpenFeint social platform into their first freemium title, Fantasy Warrior Legends. The game is available for iPhone and iPod touch, and the OpenFeint platform allows players to post scores on leaderboards, chat with other players and use game forums.

Another feature implemented into Fantasy Warrior Legends is the in-game store, allow players to purchase items, and that makes this the first Digital Chocolate game to implement social and virtual goods. This completes the package, and represents a new wave of social iPhone games that leverage microtransactions and social features, and emulate popular social network games. The fact that the game is being released by Digital Chocolate, who recently made big headlines with their ambitious NanoStar social platform for Facebook, represents the fact that traditional mobile game developers are putting value into the social elements of gameplay. We had a chance to sit down with Trip Hawkins, the CEO of Digital Chocolate to discuss the social elements of gameplay last week.

“Fantasy Warrior Legends is our first free-to-play game that will contain an in-game social platform, and with OpenFeint’s collaboration, we will be able to give users a sense of community,” said Trip Hawkins, Founder and CEO of Digital Chocolate. “This allows us to give consumers an even more engaging RPG adventure.”

Fantasy Warrior Legends is a game where players are on a quest to defeat an evil demon by leveraging the iPhone’s unique tap and drag controls. The title is an action-adventure game, and this means that the goods that you can buy in the game will allow you to really feel a new sense of power in gameplay, as opposed to strategy games where your goods help your statistics, but you don’t get a tactile feeling of their power. To find out more about Fantasy Warrior Legends, click here.

Also of note, OpenFeint will be presenting at Social Developer Summit, June 29th in San Francisco. Click here to find out more about the event.

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