Digital Chocolate partners with Spil Games for Race Track Rivals’ debut

Social game developer Digital Chocolate today announced it was exclusively launching its latest game, Race Track Rivals, with Spil Games. The deal will see the game exclusively on Spil Games’ sites like GamesGames and AGame  for two weeks before it comes to other platforms like Facebook.

Developers launching games exclusively outside of Facebook isn’t anything new. Around the Game Developers Conference in March, we saw these kinds of announcements pretty frequently with developers choosing to go with Google+. Actually, Digital Chocolate was one of those developers with its Gangs of Boomtown, as was East Side Games with Zombinis.

Studios who made announcements like these have repeatedly told us that exclusive launches of their titles on networks outside of Facebook are usually done because it generates some buzz about the game without any marketing expenditure. When that happens, it’s often more likely that extra users will install the game once it comes to Facebook. In the case of the Google+ launches, though, as we’ve heard from numerous devs that the social network’s traffic has been extremely unimpressive and several high-profile social game developers have taken their games down from the G+ since then.

Partnering with Spil Games for an exclusive launch, however, seems like a move that will bring Digital Chocolate more than free publicity. The two have worked together before to distribute Galaxy Life and Zombie Lane, the platform has over 180 million active users and it’s also been particularly successful in marketing its games to tweens. For Digital Chocolate, this could be a serious shot in the arm, as its daily active users have dwindled from its December 2010 peak of 4.2 million DAU to approximately 950,000 DAU.