Digital Chocolate Promotes You to City CEO in Millionaire City

Simulation city-building games continue to be the prized genre being embraced by big and small developers alike, although several of these games are simply copies of one another. There are a few companies, however, that strive to differentiate themselves, and Digital Chocolate is notably one of them. Recently the multi-platform game developer announced the launch of Millionaire City, a city building game where players run their city as CEOs while making tons of money. This is their 5th launched title Facebook and prior games include NanoStar Siege, MMA Pro Fighter, NanoTowns, and Safari Kingdom.

The idea of the game is to create your own city, focusing on purchasing of property and building luxurious houses. In addition, you sign contracts with tenants that take X amount of hours / days to complete and you come back and collect. Players can also build commercial buildings, decorations and wonders, after purchasing plots of land to build on. The game also adds an interesting element called ‘influence’ that effects the money buildings earn as a function of their proximity to one another. For example, commercial buildings earn more with homes near them and homes yield higher contract payouts with decorations near them (about 2% for each piece of decor).

The social elements are present but nothing we haven’t seen before. Players can visit each other and help upgrade houses, request for help in completing ‘wonders’ that increase their cities global status and of course there is a presence of the ubiquitous leaderboard system. One nice feature is the ‘questing’ system which allows players to do specific in-game tasks and collect rewards for completing these missions. Overall the presentation is decent although the flat, top-down view coupled with realism is an unorthodox choice compared to the cartoony, isometric look and feels we’ve been experiencing with other titles in this space. Perhaps the choice was made to bring back child-hood memories for Monopoly players?

“Not even Zynga has a game like Millionaire City,” said Trip Hawkins, CEO of Digital Chocolate. “We all grew up enjoying Monopoly but this is a real simulation and even easier to play. People who love property can now trump their friends on Facebook.”

As players level up, there will be more fame and glamour that comes. We hope to see Millionaire City evolve into a truly monopolistic and luxurious experience that drives players to surpass their friends through the staunch pursuit of vanity. Digital Chocolate will face difficulty moving up in ranks against the established titans especially as user acquisition costs increase but with a veteran team in place, we expect good things to happen. You can check out the game here.