Digital Ellie Finalists Announced

With the Oscars now over, let’s continue the self-congratulatory awards news with The American Society of Magazine Editors’ Digital Ellies finalists. Leading the way with 10 nominations is CondĂ© Nast. Golf Digest, GQ, The New Yorker and Wired were selected for doing great things in the digital realm.

Runner-up was Time Inc.with six nominations for Cooking Light,, People, Sports Illustrated and Time. The Washington Post Company held down third place with four nods for Foreign Policy and Slate.

Below is the full list of finalists. If you happen to work at one of these publications, pat yourself on the back and be sure to humblebrag about it on Twitter.

General Excellence, Digital Media
Honors the best magazines published on digital platforms

  • The Atlantic
  • Golf Digest
  • National Geographic
  • New York

Honors the best magazine websites

  • The Atlantic
  • New York
  • People
  • Saveur
  • Slate

Tablet Edition
Honors magazine editions published on tablets and e-readers

  • Golf Digest
  • GQ
  • National Geographic
  • The New Yorker
  • Spin

Design, Digital Media
Honors magazine websites, tablet and e-reader editions and utility apps for visual and functional excellence

  • The Daily Beast (Website)
  • Everyday Food (iPad App, March)
  • National Geographic (iPad App, “7 Billion: How the World Will Change”)
  • The New Yorker (iPad App, Summer Reading Issue, June 13 & 20)
  • Wired (iPad App, Underworld Issue, February)

Website Department
Honors a department, channel or microsite

  • The Atlantic (In Focus)
  • The Daily Beast  (Book Beast)
  • Discover Magazine (Blogs)
  • Foreign Policy (Middle East Channel)
  • Sports Illustrated (NFL Section)

Utility App
Honors single-purpose apps distributed on mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones

  • Cooking Light (The Healthy Menu Maker)
  • (viEWer)
  • New York (The Cut on the Runway)
  • Poetry (iPad App)
  • Time (PopuList)

Personal Service, Digital Media
Honors service journalism on digital platforms

  • (5 Weeks to a New Life)
  • Kiplinger (State-by-State Guide to Taxes on Retirees)
  • Men’s Health (Guy Gourmet)
  • Men’s Health (The Skin Cancer Center)
  • Redbook (The Truth About Trying)

Reporting, Digital Media
Honors excellence in reporting for digital media

  • The Atavist (The Instigators)
  • IEEE Spectrum (24 Hours at Fukushima)
  • Mother Jones (Occupy Wall Street Coverage)
  • Rolling Stone (The Kill Team)
  • Wired (FBI Teaches Agents: “Mainstream” Muslims Are “Violent, Radical”)

Commentary, Digital Media
Honors excellence in opinion journalism on digital platforms

  • The American Scholar (“Zinsser on Friday,” by William Zinsser)
  • CNET (“Molly Rants,” by Molly Wood)
  • The Daily Beast  (Commentary by Michelle Goldberg)
  • The New Yorker (“New Yorker” Writers on Osama bin Laden)
  • Rolling Stone (“Taibblog,” by Matt Taibbi)

Honors the use of interactivity and multimedia in the coverage of an event or subject

  • The Atavist (Lifted)
  • Foreign Policy (The Qaddafi Files)
  • Golf Digest (Masters Coverage)
  • Popular Mechanics (Touchdown)
  • Slate (The Presidential Horse Race)

Honors the outstanding use of video by magazines

  • 5280 (The Saddlemaker)
  • GQ  (Tell)
  • The New York Times Magazine (My Family’s Experiment in Extreme Schooling)
  • The New York Times Magazine (13 Villains)
  • Slate (Why Gold, Why Not Argon?)