Digital Experience Optimization Platform Optimizely Just Integrated With Slack

Users can share updates and changes without logging into its platform

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Optimizely users can now share updates and changes via Slack rather than having to login to the digital experience optimization following an integration between the two companies, which was released Wednesday.

Experiments running within Optimizely’s Program Management offering can now be linked within existing Slack environments.

Optimizely said the integration will speed up experimentation and enable businesses to seamlessly test, learn and make changes, boosting productivity and lowering costs for its clients.


The company added that a survey showed that the average brand uses 91 cloud marketing technologies.

Optimizely senior vice president of product Claire Vo said in a release, “Businesses that use experimentation to understand and improve customer experiences are the ones that succeed, and this integration will help businesses rapidly accelerate those processes to realize greater business benefits. Moving forward, we’ll continue to reinforce our position as an open platform that takes advantage of new integrations with industry-leading solutions to make the lives of our customers easier.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.