Digital Gets Old College Try

According to eMarketer, 95.7 percent of U.S. college students will go online at least once a month in 2009. That makes the demographic the single most connected group in the U.S.

Students may be the first truly platform-agnostic demographic group, as they take advantage of multiple electronic devices and have numerous ways to access information and interact with friends. Students believe it is less important how they get content than how easy it is to manipulate and interact across a range of devices.

Marketers should note that this means students are heavy consumers of online video — but also regular TV. They use social networking Web sites to stay in touch with their friends — but rely on text messaging as well.

And smartphones, which are becoming more common on campus, give students the ability to do many activities without ever touching a computer.

Companies marketing to college students need to create fluid interactions with them in multiple venues.

Nielsen Business Media