5 Digital Skills Every Journalist Should Have

“[Journalists] are increasingly being required to take away from time doing actual reporting to do a million other things,” said Menachem Wecker, education reporter for U.S. News & World Report. Too true, as evidenced by all the talk of the “hamsterization” of journalism. But rather than lamenting the changing tides, you might as well take it in stride and ramp up your resume for the new media world. In the latest Mediabistro feature, seasoned journos give tips on how to acquire the digital skills that all journos must have. Here’s an excerpt:

4. Search Engine Optimization
Sometimes, maximizing page views is all about having the right words and phrases in your story, and Google AdWords reigns supreme for generating the best keywords.

“You enter the crux of what your story is about, search for a related keyword that has high search results and fairly low competition, then make that your keyword and ensure it’s in your title, URL, header and content,” explained Bret Love, a journalist from Atlanta who runs Green Global Travel.

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