A Day In The Digital Life – How Twitter, Facebook And iPhones Keep Us Connected [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you own a smartphone?

If so, like many people (including me), your daily life very likely consists of continuously checking updates from your email, Twitter, Facebook and other online platforms. If you let it in, you can’t really get away from data nowadays – it’s there when you get up and look at your iPhone, it’s there when you get to work and boot up your PC or Mac, and it’s there when you’re lying in bed, reading a book on your iPad.

This tongue-in-cheek but eye-opening infographic from Online Schools takes a look at what is a very modern problem, and it’s one that isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

‘Highlights’ include:

  • Sending tweets on the toilet (40% of people use their phones in the bathroom)
  • How texting is threatening conversation (50% of Americans prefer communicating digitally to face to face conversation)
  • Our sleep patterns are being increasingly disrupted (95% of people use an electronic device in the hour before they go to bed, 83% of young people sleep next to their cell phones, and 35% check their smartphone as soon as they wake up)

(Source: Online Schools.)

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