How Digital Marketing Has Changed Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s an interesting statistic: five years ago, just 10 percent of small businesses were using social media for marketing purposes. Fast-forward to the heady days of 2013, and that number has leapt to 87 percent.

What else has changed for SMBs in the last half-decade?

Plenty. And while there are more tools and technology available today to help brands of all shapes and sizes grow, almost three in five (59 percent) say that they believe it’s harder to run a business now than it was in the Noughties. It’s not for want of trying, though – 84 percent of SMBs are using more online marketing tools (98 percent use email marketing, up from 64 percent before), and 40 percent believe that social media is amplifying word-of-mouth referrals.

Check the infographic below for all the findings from Contact Contact‘s Small Businesses: Then And Now survey.

(Source: Constant Contact. Small business image via Shutterstock.)