Discover Your Neighborhood’s Hidden Data with Sitegeist

The Sunlight Foundation has created the app Sitegeist to help you understand your neighbohood in beautifully renderred graphics. Sitegeist mines publicly available data to bring you neighborhood specific information about the hottest hang-outs, historical information, housing data, and even the simple weather.

Sources for the data comes from places like Yelp, Foursquare, the Census Beureau and many more. It’s a really fun way to interact with all of the piles of information that your brain can’t compute.

For example, when you drop a pin on the map and see the age distributions, we are pulling age data from the 2010 U.S. census based on the specific census tract the pin you dropped on the map is in. You don’t need to know where to find the census data or even know what census tract you’re in, just drop the pin and learn.

The app comes with five different categories to explore: People, Weather, Fun, History, and Housing. This app is perfect for the curious traveller or urban explorer in you.

Via Gizmodo