Dislike Button Scams Invade Facebook

Mere days after Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook will test a dislike button (more likely an empathy button), scammers have already pounced.

Mere days after Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook will test a dislike button (more likely an empathy button), scammers have already pounced.

HackRead shared the screenshots above and below, in which the dislike button is pitched as an “invite-only feature,” but accepting the invites brings nothing but trouble for Facebook users, as Farzan Hussain wrote:

Once the links are successfully spread on your Facebook, the scam campaign will then ask you to fill out the intrusive surveys in an attempt to gather your personal information, as well as asking for your account credentials. All of those would then be used to spam you and your contacts via email.

Some links may also install malware on your computer or spread the malware through your social media accounts. However, we aren’t sure if anyone has been infected with malware through the dislike button scam.

Security expert Graham Cluley also chimed in on the issue:

In some cases, they will even lead you to pricey premium-rate mobile phone subscriptions or online surveys that generate the scammers income, or trick you into downloading malicious code onto your PC.

In other cases, scams like this have been used in the past to gain access to your Facebook profile and post messages under your name, helping the scammers spam out messages to others.

Don’t be duped. If you’re a Facebook crack addict, then try to resist the urge of falling for the latest scam and wait for Facebook to properly roll out new features as and when it chooses. Don’t worry: When it happens (whatever *it* might be), I’m sure there will be plenty of members of the media writing about it.

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