Disney Is Folding Maker Studios Into Its Media Arm

Another major shift for the video network aimed at millennials

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Two years after it acquired the millennial-focused digital video network Maker Studios, Disney is folding the company into its media arm and moving the head of the studio to a new position.

Home to tens of thousands of YouTube channels with hundreds of millions of subscribers, the multi-channel network (MCN) was acquired by Disney in March 2014 for $500 million. It falls under the Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media (DCPI) division.

As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Courtney Holt, head of Maker Studios for the last year, will also move to a new role as evp of media and strategy for Walt Disney.

In July, Maker Studios went through a round of layoffs. Andrew Sugerman, the evp of content and media with DCPI, will now oversee Maker.

Celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Kevin Smith and content creators like PewDiePie, who recently joked he was going to delete his YouTube channel once it hit 50 million subscribers, create content for Maker Studios.

Rolling Maker into Disney presents new opportunities for advertisers and third-party distributors, as both Disney and non-Disney content can be packaged in the same group. DCPI, led by Sugerman, has long been seeking to leverage its large database of stories and wide range of content geared toward younger generations.

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