Disney Music Video From Frozen Aims for Virality

Meanwhile, another prank generates 15 million views

Kids TV and movie brands have a tricky relationship with YouTube. And generally, studios are very careful not to release too much content on the Web from current in-release movies.

That's why it's interesting that Disney has pushed out Let It Go, a full three and a half minute song sequence from the current animated hit Frozen. That would be like Disney releasing the entire A Whole New World scene from Aladdin on MTV 20 years ago (sort of).

The Frozen clip, performed by Broadway star Idina Menzel, is nearing 10 million views on YouTube and 81,000 shares plus over 11,000 tweets, landing it in second place on the VideoWatch/VidIQ weekly ranking. At number one was an elaborate prank by comedian Tom Mabe aimed at getting his buddy to stop drinking and driving. It's approaching 16 million views in just a week.

Check out the full ranking here:

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