Disney releases Where’s My XYY? on iOS, Android, Windows


Disney Interactive has further expanded its “Where’s My…?” franchise with the release of Where’s My XYY? on iOS, Android and Windows. The game stars China’s most popular TV cartoon character, a sheep named XiYangYang (XYY), as players are challenged with guiding water through dirt to help XYY defeat the Big Bad Wolf.

i-tMC8bd5-X2In each of the game’s more than 80 levels, players will cut through dirt to guide water to a funnel, allowing XYY to put out a fire blocking his progress. Three bells are found in each stage, and can be collected voluntarily, giving each level a bit more challenge.

Depending on the level, players may need to avoid obstacles like bottomless pits, fire walls, vines and more, which can destroy or otherwise block the water from reaching the funnel.

Players earn coins for each collected bell, and can spend those coins on power-ups, like a bell vacuum, which causes bells to suck in any surrounding water, even if there isn’t a direct path for the water to reach the bell. If players are stuck, they can also spend coins on hints to solve the game’s puzzles.

Where’s My XYY? was released in Chinese App Stores in December 2013, and climbed to No. 1 on China’s top paid iPad app charts. The game is now available to download for $0.99 worldwide, on iOS, Google Play, the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

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