Disney launches updates for Temple Run: Oz, Monster’s Inc. Run, and Where’s My Water?

The worlds of Temple Run: Oz, Monsters, Inc. Run, and Where’s My Water? have expanded this month, as Disney Interactive has released new updates to its games on iOS and Android, the company said in a statement.

Temple Run: Oz

The game introduced a new character, China Girl, a scaled-up version of the living doll from the film Oz the Great and Powerful. Different costumes are also available, giving players the chance to customize the way they look as they run through forests and fields along the Yellow Brick Road.


Monsters, Inc. Run

Disney created 16 new levels in anticipation of the upcoming launch of the Monsters University film in theaters. This update brings new locations from the Monsters University campus to the game, and also allows players to take the film’s younger versions of Mike and Sulley to any level, in any world, throughout the rest of the game.


Where’s My Water?

Disney updated the game with 40 new levels surrounding a new character: Allie, whose levels are more creative than others. The changes will challenge players to manipulate steam to collect rubber ducks and eventually fill the bathtub with water so that Allie can take a shower. Players can try five of Allie’s levels for free, while the rest can be unlocked via an additional purchase.


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