Distimo takes a deep dive into the Amazon Appstore, compares to Google Play

Distimo’s latest report takes a deep dive into the Amazon Appstore, taking a look at the top apps and publishers in terms of estimated daily downloads and one-off revenues in the app store. The report also takes a look at the differences and similarities between the Amazon Appstore, a third-party app store for the Android platform, and Google Play.

App tracking company Distimo kicked off its April report by revealing that the top 200 free apps on the U.S. Amazon Appstore saw a total of 16 million downloads in March. Similarly to the Apple App Store and Google Play, the most downloaded genre of apps were games, with Imangi Studios’ Temple Run 2 leading the way as the most downloaded free app. Also, eight of the top 10 most downloaded apps were games, with Netflix and Facebook as the two non-game apps.

As expected, the amount of device installs for free apps in Google Play is significantly higher compared to the Amazon Appstore. The Dutch firm adds that Google Play is approximately 10 times larger than the Amazon Appstore in the U.S. For example of the disparity between the two app stores, Developer Halfbrick Studios’ Fruit Ninja Free, which is ranked No. 9 in the Amazon Appstore among the top free apps, was downloaded 9.1 times less than in Google Play, which translates to 2.3 million installs from Google Play and 250,000 from the Amazon App Store in March.

Moving on to the top 200 paid apps in the Amazon Appstore, according to Distimo’s data, the company saw 1.6 million downloads, which earned $3 million from one-off fees. Mojang’s Minecraft – Pocket Edition ($6.99) claimed the No. 1 position among the top paid apps in the U.S. in March. Although there’s a stark difference between the Amazon Appstore and Google Play when it comes to free apps, paid apps is a different story. Looking at the top 1000 paid apps on both stores, the number of paid downloads is only about twice the size in Google Play. Distimo singled out another Imangi Studios title in Temple Run: Oz, which was ranked No. 5 on the Amazon Appstore amid the top paid apps. The game was downloaded 3.4 times less in the Amazon Appstore than in Google Play, which when broken down has more than 140,000 installs in Google Play and 42,000 in the Amazon Appstore.

While Distimo reported that the number of paid downloads for Google Play is roughly twice the size of the Amazon Appstore, when it comes to revenues, the difference is even smaller. The top 200 paid apps in Google Play made $5.1 million, which equated to Google Play being 1.7 times bigger than the Amazon Appstore.

Looking at the bigger picture in terms of who the top developers were on the Amazon Appstore based on downloads of free apps, Angry Birds developer Rovio was the top publisher, with its latest game The Croods (No. 6) leading the way, which also ranked in the top 10 free apps.

U.S. Amazon Appstore data for Distimo’s April report was collected in March 2013. It should be noted that Distimo also plans to add Amazon Appstore data to its analytics product AppiQ, which allows its customers to see how many downloads and how much money almost any Android, iOS, and soon Amazon Appstore, app makes. Also, note that Distimo’s estimates are based on the ranking per app store. Due to the differences among the Amazon Appstore and Google Play, Distimo reports device installs for Google Play and user downloads for Amazon Appstore.

The Netherlands-based company, which was founded in 2009, concluded that the Amazon Appstore is rapidly growing over the last year, and could become a significant competitor to Google Play. As noted earlier, the Amazon Appstore and Google Play are already seeing similar download and revenue figures for paid apps.

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