Do You Have a Better Retirement Plan? Former NY Times Reporter Turns Batty Homeless Man

Mark Hawthorne lives on the streets of Berkeley, eating garbage, wearing women’s clothing, and espousing his philosophy of amiable hatred. From 1961 to 1970 he was a reporter for the NY Times, but he’s since moved on to a more secure profession. Hawthorne is known as the “Hate Man” and is something of a local celebrity in his hood. Now, thanks to an interview in the San Francisco Chronicle, he’s getting a little national attention. The interviewer, perhaps with an eye towards his own future, asked about Hawthorne’s culinary choices:

Q: Why do you like to eat out of trash cans?

A: It’s free. It makes your immune system strong. It’s risky and offensive to some people, but I’m cautious. I sniff it and don’t just eat anything.

Thanks, Hate Man. We’re taking notes.

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