Doctorow Slam’s Apple’s iPad DRM

Publishing provocateur Cory Doctorow has been doing a regular column for Publishers Weekly. In his most recent installment, he sounds off on Apple’s iPad DRM, and not just the software that locks down the music and eBooks, but also the locks down the whole device against non-Apple-approved apps. He says that given the buzz and the hopes surrounding iPad, the implications of Apple’s competition-killing DRM are big and bad.

Here’s an excerpt: “Does the company that makes your toaster get to tell you whose bread you can buy? Your dishwasher can wash anyone’s dishes, not just the ones sold by its manufacturer (who, by the way, takes a 30% cut along the way). What’s more, you can invent cool new things to do with your dishwasher. For example, you can cook salmon in it without needing permission from the manufacturer (check out the Surreal Gourmet for how). And you can even sell your dishwasher salmon recipe without violating some obscure law that lets dishwasher manufacturers dictate how you can use your machine.”

Mmmm…dishwasher cooked Salmon. There’s lots more smart stuff where that came from. You should read the whole article, quick!

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