Does AT&T Upgrade Elgibility Date Indicate a June 21 iPhone 4th Gen Launch? Not According to my Elgibility Date

Assuming Apple released the 4th generation iPhone next month (June), my iPhone 3G will be in month 18 of my 24 month contract. Will I be elgible for the fully subsidized (lowest) price? MobileCrunch blogger Greg Kumparak noted that his eligibility date shifted from November 21 to June 21.

Early adopters, rejoice: AT&T begins rolling back upgrade eligibility dates for the next iPhone

Does this indicate that the next iPhone will be available on that date? Perhaps. But, if it is then, I will have to wait a couple of weeks because my elgibilty for an upgrade at a discounted price starts on July 6. This is one day after my phone contract is 18 months old.