Does Facebook suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Through Seasonal Affective Disorder, many people can become saddened or depressed over the winter months. Does this affect your Facebook activity too? That’s what Expion, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, wondered.

Expion discovered that, among 50 top retail brands on Facebook, engagement does tend to dip as the days get colder.

Expion found that there are fewer fan actions on retail Facebook pages in the winter months, especially as consumers get exhausted after Black Friday and Christmas. Users at this time are looking more for discounts and coupons rather than engaging posts.

The company also found that pages post less often during the winter months, typically rising back up in the spring and summer. Expion Chief Marketing Officer Mike Heffring noted that many retail brands post more often in the spring and summer because they’re launching new products, utilizing Facebook to stir up some marketing buzz.

Here’s Expion’s analysis of how Facebook fans behave when the temperature sinks:

Heffring discussed these results with Inside Facebook:

The lighthearted part of this was the whole idea of people in winter getting a bit of the blues and I think recharging after Christmas. With Christmas, and Cyber Monday and everything that goes along with that, they’re just kind of exhausted.

So what should brands on Facebook do to still resonate with fans and customers on Facebook during this down time?

You normally see that January and February is the place where people are looking for deals and special engagement kinds of things. Something where, if I’m going to buy or be in the market, does the brand have something special for me? So I think generally you’re probably going to be doing a few more things on rewards, discounts and coupons. I think the other thing that brands can do is capture that season a little bit better. Valentine’s Day in February is one of the biggest days.

Readers: If you manage a Facebook page for a retail store, do you see a dip in engagement after Christmas?

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