Does Sleeping During the Day Bother You? If so, This Isn’t the Job for You

In this unusual fictitious account of what really happens at newspaper job interviews in these lean, precarious times, Real Clear Politics writer Doug Clawson takes a crack at today’s newsrooms.

It’s funny, well worth a read.

Here’s the faux list of questions the interviewer poses to a made-up interviewee named Ms. Pennybroker:

First, do you have a family that might need you around occasionally — I mean, other than a cat or a gerbil?
Are weekends all that important to you?
If you were asked to be on call 24/7 would that present a problem?
Are Christmas, New Year’s, Easter and Thanksgiving really that big a deal to you?
Does sleeping during the day bother you?
Do you have what you might consider a, um, real life?
If we asked you to take two weeks unpaid leave each year would that present a problem?
We haven’t given raises at Conglomerate in three years, is that a cause for concern?
Any pre-existing conditions we should know about?
Are you a smoker?

Read the full story here.

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