Does the NYT’s Exec. Editor’s Comments About an “Apple Slate” Make the Rumor True?

You know that more than gadget geeks are hoping the Apple tablet rumor is true when you see the same info-slip from New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller in both Gawker and Engadget…

Gawker: Bill Keller: Apple Tablet ‘Impending’

Engadget: Apple Tablet rumor roundup: NYT speaks of ‘impending Apple slate,’ new SIM tray leaks (video)

The bit everyone is quoting is Keller listing “the impending Apple slate” matter of factly as one of the devices that the NYT’s Time Reader will run on. Does this make the Apple tablet rumor any true-er than before. Perhaps.

But, honestly, I wanted to note it here just to add one more data point to Apple’s tally of people who really would like to see an affordable category shaking product like an Apple tablet under $800 and NOT tied to a mobile carrier (no contracts!).