Does Twitter Need Some PR Help?

Rumors are circulating that Twitter has hired Edelman Group to manage its public relations. However, Sean Garrett has tweeted that they have not “hired a PR ‘agency of record'” – so what’s going on? Does Twitter need some PR help, or are they going it alone?

Both The Next Web and Ad Age reported late last week that Twitter had hired Edelman as its PR agency.

Ad Age reports that the work for Twitter would be run out of Edelman’s West Coast group, and would involve “media relations, social media and direct-to-consumer initiatives.”

It was speculated that Edelman would focus on the US and UK markets. The group would be tasked with consumer-focused launches, and may play a large part in the launch of Twitter as a native service on Apple’s forthcoming iOS 5.

Despite the rumors, Sean Garrett, Twitter’s VP of communications tweeted on Friday that “Twitter hasn’t hired a PR “agency of record.”

An agency of record is one which coordinates the media contracts and placements for large corporations, usually dealing with smaller agencies on behalf of the client.

As The Next Web speculates, Edelman might not necessarily be the agency of record, but rather be playing a similar role on the consumer products side of things.

Whatever the case, we’ve reached out to Twitter to see if we can get a clearer picture of what, if any, relationship they have with the Edelman group. We’ll update if we hear anything.

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