Dog Tag Bakery Hosts CURE Epilepsy Fundraiser Geared Toward Vets

A natural Veterans Day fit for the vet-centered bakery.

Since Dog Tag Bakery was founded on the premise of helping veterans through an entrepreneurial and management training program, it’s no surprise that the bakery had something planned for Veterans Day.

Working in partnership with the CURE Epilepsy foundation, host Tammy Haddad, veteran TV exec and founder of consultancy group Haddad Media, gathered guests last night for a dinner and an evening punctuated with a performance by singer-songwriter Paul Simon.

The proceeds from the event went to CURE for its work researching epilepsy in veterans.

Among the attendees were CNN senior political commentator David Axelrod (who is the husband of CURE founding chair Susan Axelrod) and Senator Al Franken.

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