DogBowl 2010: The Winners (of sorts)

Dear Readers,

Last week, a post that was intended to be one post and one dog surprisingly blew up into DogBowl 2010 with five posts, five days and 46 pretty adorable dogs including a ferret (we know, he was a questionable entrant into the contest). Today we award superlatives to some of the pooches who jumped out for one reason or another (at least one of you literally). Thank you to all for playing and for sharing your beautiful animals. A special note of thanks to my secret consultants for helping me devise some of the superlatives.

— FishbowlDC Management

Future Movie Star: Tchotchke. Belongs to D.C. Photog Stacy Viera.

Most beautiful: The late Shaggy belonging to Bloomberg‘s Anna Edney.

Sports fan: Gizmo and Neepa. It’s a tie. The owner of Gizmo is Qorvis’s Jessica Baer. The owner of Neepa is Patch reporter Amy Kovac-Ashley. They win for obvious reasons.

Most in need of the Dog Whisperer: Alvin – Throughout the contest we’ve known he has anger issues. When I initially met Alvin, a Fox Terrier, at the corner of Connecticut and R in Dupont Circle he jumped on me and nearly knocked me to the ground. Despite the obvious aggression, he’s quite likable and curious about everything in his midst. He has yet to go to the dog park because he despises other dogs and growls in their presence. “He’s going to play with them or he’s going to kill them,” says Alvin‘s owner, Washington Examiner contributing film critic Andy White. Now this part is genuinely upsetting — White believes he was abused at the shelter where he found him in New Jersey. This weekend White’s hiring a real life Dog Whisperer for $250 an hour. We want updates.

Cutest Dog in Washington: Dexter von Frisch – There’s something to be said about sticking with an original choice. Dexter, who belongs to Media Matters Contributor Karl Frisch, is absolutely undeniably sweet and is the hands down winner of this contest. Born on Aug. 1 in Midland, Va., he weighs 12 pounds. We met on the Starbucks patio where he began to slightly shiver from the cool fall day. Frisch said it was his first walk ever this far from Kalorama to Dupont – he stopped midway and refused to budge. Frisch carried him the rest of way and assured him they’d be taking a cab home. Here we see him logging on to FishbowlDC to see how he’s faring in the contest. Congratulations Dexter. You won.

Most Likely to be Sold on the Black Market as a Stuffed Animal: Penny. The Goldendoodle (part Golden Retriever, part Poodle) belongs to Politico‘s Dan Hirschorn who recently moved here from Pennsylvania. Penny is new to town too having gotten here just a week ago. We met Penny on the Starbucks patio off Dupont Circle Wednesday morning. The dog, of course being ridiculously cute, is prone to a ton of stranger attention. A woman soon approaches and starts inquiring about her. She says, “She doesn’t like me.” No, no, assures Hirschorn, explaining that Penny is initially shy. But au contraire. Shortly thereafter, Penny licked the woman’s hand and began sniffing at her crotch. As he said, not so shy.

Most mischievous: The armpit dogs, George and Leroy, belong to AP producer Lila Ibrahim.

Most likely to lie about his/her measurements on Charley, belongs to BBC Correspondent Katie Connolly. (And we’d believe her. She looks so earnest.)

Best Face for Radio: Winston. His owner is Jeffrey Donald, who flacks for USEC in Bethesda.

Most likely to hump Robert Gates’ dog at the dog park: Duffy, a toy Schnauzer puppy who belongs to Mimi Johnson and TBD’s Steve Buttry. Cute, sure. But just looks like he’s up to no good.  

Cindy McCain Chemistry Award – for the Sedated Look: Piper (New nickname: “Dishwasher Dog.”)  Just hanging out on the dishwasher waiting to be washed.

Prettiest coat: Cooper – this regal pup belongs to my partner in crime, FBDC and QGA’s Matt Dornic. Face it, the dog just oozes beauty and sophistication in that fur coat.

Most likely to have an on again off again relationship with Bo Obama – This award goes to Washington Examiner‘s White House correspondent Julie Mason’s Australian Cattle dog, Gomez. We hear he got into some trash talking online with Cooper (above) during the contest.

The Model: Piper. Belongs to CNN senior booker Stephanie Kotuby. She looks as though she watches Tyra religiously in the afternoons. You go girl.