Doing Twitter Analytics Right: Meet The TwitSprout Team

The TwitSprout team loves what they do. I met them at their office in Waterloo, Ontario, working out of the back of a house owned by another startup co-founder, Michael Litt (@michaelrlitt) of VidYard, where they offered me BBQ veggie burgers and some great insight into where Twitter analytics is headed.

Over grilled-to-perfection burgers, I heard from Dan (@dHolowack), Adrian (@apetresc) and Abhi (@abh1nv) about the new features that current TwitSprout users can expect in the next few months, how competitive the Twitter app developer space is, and just how many long nights and longer days it took them to create and manage one of the smoothest Twitter analytics products on the market.

All three members of the TwitSprout team are engineering graduates from the University of Waterloo. They are meticulous about their data, just like you’d expect from a group of engineers: Dan was forceful in explaining just how upset they got if they missed even an hour of data for their users’ dashboards.

After meeting the team and doing the introductions, we got to talking about the Twitter analytics space that TwitSprout is immersed in. Dan described it as three-tiered: “garage” projects that are somewhat functional, but look terrible; big companies like HootSuite that have the resources to succeed; and startups like his own TwitSprout.

Within these three tiers of developers exists multiple competitors doing things similar to TwitSprout. Websites like TweetCounter, TweetStats, CrowdBooster and HootSuite’s analytics are all in the Twitter analytics space. But the TwitSprout team is sure that they offer a unique and compelling product. Their extremely simple and user-friendly interface coupled with their meticulous attention to every data detail out there sets them apart.

Right now, you can access a “Followers” dashboard if you sign up for TwitSprout beta. This dashboard/infographic will show you hourly changes in your follower and following count, an historical account growth graph depicting a month’s worth of follows and unfollows, as well as a chart showing you when and how often you tweet.

But they’re not stopping there. The TwitSprout team has huge ideas for introducing three more dashboards: one showing you the optimal times to tweet to see the most exposure, another giving you detailed information about your followers, and a third – and perhaps most exciting for us social media people – showing you engagement like retweets and clicks.

Plus, they will be launching a robust Facebook dashboard in the future, just to round out your social media monitoring.

They also have exciting plans to attract big-name brands to their dashboard. Soon, you will not only be able to view your own Twitter stats on your TwitSprout dashboard – you’ll be able to compare it to a detailed analysis of your competitors. All of them. And rather than notifying you of your weekly changes or how your competitors are doing every Friday, the TwitSprout team is hard at work preparing an email notification for those big events, campaigns, and other milestones that matter most to your business.

Since we met, the TwitSprout team has moved on to bigger and better things, relocating to the bustling metropolis of Toronto. Despite the move, however, the TwitSprout team is still firmly in startup mode: they described how they’ll work for six days a week, sometimes pulling 12 hour days, sometimes forgetting to eat. But even during those long days, they all attest to the camaraderie between the three of them, which makes those long hour bearable – and is part of the magic behind their success.

If you’d like to sign up for your own TwitSprout dashboard, you can still get in to the early beta by visiting the TwitSprout website.

Image credit: @eprajogo