Dolce Vita Games brings Circus Life to iOS, Android

Image via Dolce Vita Games

Dolce Vita Games has released Circus Life on iOS and Android, offering a variety of mini-games to players in a circus setting. Dolce Vita Games CEO, Irina Vaganova, was inspired to make the game after spending years performing as a contortionist, with the game being a way to reconnect with her passion for entertaining.

Circus Life sees players earning as many points as possible in a variety of “survival” style mini-games, with the ultimate goal being to help an aspiring circus performer meet the woman of his dreams. At first, players only have a single game to try, but will unlock more as they earn more and more points.

The first game is a balloon collection game, seeing players swipe on balloons to send them across the screen and into a funnel. Bomb balloons appear at random, and must be avoided. Some balloons are worth more than others, and balloons start appearing at a much faster rate, the longer players last. A lives system gives gamers multiple chances in the same game session, and players can spend real money for bonus balloons worth the most points.

Image via Dolce Vita Games

Once players earn 500 points in the balloon game, they’ll continue the man’s story, and will see our hero being assigned the unglamorous task of collecting animal droppings. These slide along ramps, and players must tap next to the correct ramp to collect the balls before they fall off of the screen.

Circus Life offers five game modes in all, and players can unlock these additional modes early with real money, if they’d rather not earn enough points to unlock them for free.

Circus Life is now available to download for free on iOS and for $0.99 on Google Play. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.