Guess How Much One Tweet Generates In Revenue? SumAll Reveals The Answer

Ever wondered what the dollar value of one tweet is?

It’s a loaded question in any discussion of social media ROI.

SumAll, a data visualization analytics tool, has pinpointed the answer. Read on to find out how much one tweet is worth.

SumAll has announced today that, based on its research, one tweet generates an average of $25.62 in revenue as opposed to not tweeting at all.

Here’s the rub: an Instagram follower is worth 10x a Twitter follower.

Compare those findings to what social intelligence company Synacapse valued one brand page Facebook Like at: $174.17.

Polling data from its user base, SumAll, whose service links a company’s Facebook fan page and Twitter account to track social activity against web traffic and revenue, also found that a retweet falls to an average of $20.37 in value, due to the less-targeted audience compared to the original tweet.

Overall, integrating Twitter into holistic digital marketing efforts increases total revenue by 1-2%, according to SumAll data.

That being said, SumAll cautions that businesses should not continue tweeting simply in order to increase revenue. Evidently a marked rapid decline in value occurs after the first tweet.

To double return, users would have to generate 6-8 tweets per day; and it’s nearly impossible to triple revenues from tweeting alone.

Bear in mind, of course, that these stats come from SumAll’s user base, which may or may not provide an accurate sample of social media users at large. And every social platform works differently for each brand based on its industry, its other marketing tactics, and its goals.

SumAll tells AllTwitter that more of its 30,000+ customers tweet a few times a day with 6 seeming to be the optimal number.

SumAll provides revenue, social, web analytics, direct email marketing, and organic web traffic on a single dashboard. It’s a helpful snapshot of your complete marketing picture, making it easy to connect the dots between your tactics and your revenue.

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