Dollars and Sense: Free Online Financial Trackers

In a world where pennies are being pinched and distractions abound, it’s always a good idea to closely monitor and manage your finances. Technology advances have been made allowing you to securely manage your finances from anywhere be it the internet or your phone. Let’s check out a few free financial trackers:

1.– among the simplest of online financial managers, Mint lets you see snapshots of your financial habits from shopping trends to individual transactions. Mint gives you suggestions of how to save money based on your spending and allows users to easily set up text alerts for going over credit limits or when an account lowers to a specified amount. Mint allows you to get your balance via text message and offers investment management from your 401k to brokerage accounts.

2.– offers a savings widget, a spend meter and even a bill tracker for upcoming bills due. Rudder offers emails with your account information without your having to log in which is great for the traveler whose email goes to Blackberry. Rudder is set up to give users a quick outlook of their finances without having to log in to the website and focuses on keeping the process as simple as possible.

3.– is a personal money tracker connected to your bank account and credit cards that can tell you not only how you’re spending your money but tracks IOUs with your friends or other businesses. Buxfer can tell you your account balance on the go or even let you report cash expenses via text message, twitter, facebook or a web application on your cell phone.

4.– formerly known as Expensr, Money Strands claims to make money management “fun and easy.” Money Strands allows you to set up a budget and track your progress toward your financial goals much like a work out program. Money Strands offers a recommendation engine for services from credit card offers to complimentary products. Money Strands offers a network of people in your financial situation to connect with to bounce ideas off of and give or share tips with.

5.– free tool for tracking finances, budgeting and even scheduling online payments in advance. Categorizing and tagging your finances lets you create 3D graphs and charts to visualize your spending and income. BudgetPulse stands out because of advanced features like managing recurring transactions as well as allowing users to split transactions.

The Rotorblog team has no idea if the economy is on the right track (though we hope it is!). What we do know is that the fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st century in a shaky economic environment makes it imperative to keep track of your finances. A simple pen, pad and calculator no longer do the trick. Take advantage of some of the free tools listed above and you should be able to weather the storm.

Have you ever tried an online financial tracker? What was it like for you and do you still use it? Let us know in the comments below!

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