Dolphin Browser HD for iPad: A Step Above Apple’s Own Safari Browser

When the Dolphin Browser was released for the iPhone I commented that: “Oddly, it is only available for the iPhone. It does not have a version that scales to the iPad’s large display where, I believe, it would find a welcome home by many users.” well, the free Dolphin Browser HD for the iPad was released this week. And, it is indeed welcome by this iPad user.

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Dolphin Browser HD (iTunes App Store)

The Dolphin Browser provides a number of interesting features over and above the Safari browser, on which it is based, offers. As I expected, the Gestures navigation works quite well if you have frequentkly visited websites. I found it faster to use a gesture rather than use bookmarks in Safari. The browser comes with a number of predefined sites associated with gestures. It is reasonably easy to add your own site+gesture combination to the list.

The Sidebar bookmarks display is, however, seems quite a bit faster to access than the dropdown bookmarks in the Safari browser. If the Gestures navigation does not appeal to you, the Sidebar bookmarks is a fast way to move between sites.

The ability to view a web page in full screen mode recovers a few dozen pixels at the top of the display. This screen real estate recovery useful on a the relatively small display (compared to a notebook or desktop computer).

The Websize feature performs a FlipBoard-like tranformation of Facebook links and Twitter tweets. However, the visual display is not nearly as well laid out of visual pleasing as FlipBoard. Moreover, while the Facebook connection work, Twitter authentication did not.

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