DomiNations Celebrates First 2 Months With Oil Boom Update

The base-building combat game has received a third currency type for high-level players.

DomiNationsTwo months ago, Big Huge Games and Nexon M released DomiNations, a base-building combat game for mobile devices, which allows players to guide a chosen civilization through the ages as they build an army to defeat other civilizations and construct defenses to protect their own base. In celebration of the game’s early success, Big Huge Games has revealed some interesting stats about the game, as well as information on its latest major content update.

The update is entitled the Oil Boom, and it will activate once players have reached the Enlightenment Age. This is the eighth (and so far last) age in the game, so it will take new players some time to reach this content.

Prior to this update, players had two major currencies to balance: food and gold. With this update, players are introduced to a third, oil, which is used to recruit two new kinds of troops for players’ armies. Specifically, gamers will construct Oil Wells and Oil Refineries in their base, with the former producing the oil and the latter storing it.

Gamers will also build a new Factory for their nation, allowing them to use oil to create gatling gun and guerrilla troops. Speaking with SocialTimes, Tim Train, DomiNations project lead at Big Huge Games, told us gatling gun troops are useful against enemy infantry, as they can take enemies down in bulk. Meanwhile, guerrillas are invisible to enemy buildings, and are useful in blowing up defensive structures. At the same time, guerrillas are weak against enemy troops, so players must use proper timing in their deployment to be successful.


DomiNations will be updated with future ages and content going forward, with Train emphasizing the team will continue to balance the game to make each nation worth choosing. For instance, there are plans to give the French an additional cavalry boost, while the British will receive a new loot boost, and so on.

Since release in early April, DomiNations has been downloaded more than 7 million times, and 49.5 million battles have been waged between players. Interestingly, most battles are fought on Wednesdays. Train explained this is likely due to a larger trend, which sees players working to gather large amounts of resources during the week (including resources earned through battle), before triggering major upgrades to take place over the weekend.

While the game allows players to represent one of seven different nations, Japan is the most played nation in the game so far. In total, players have trained 1.6 billion troops for their armies, and have donated 70.6 million of those troops to users in their alliances.

DomiNations is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Check out the rest of the game’s stats in the infographic below.

DomiNations Infographic

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