‘Don’t Tell Ashton’ Live Art Project Illustrates Twitter Influence

Swedish students at the Berghs School of Communication have introduced a new social live art project through Twitter. They are calling it ‘Don’t Tell Ashton’ and are using the project to gauge and illustrate the influence of different users on Twitter. ‘Don’t Tell Ashton’ is shaping up to be incredibly viral and it will be interesting to see how many Twitter power users get involved.

How does the project work? When Twitter users Tweet about the project, their Twitter profile image is added to the artwork. The size of your picture depends upon your Twitter influence – the more followers you have the bigger your picture will be. According to the project’s website, “The only person with followers enough to fill the entire frame is a person who has proven himself outstanding in combining his social status off line together with an elegance in engaging people in the online space: Ashton Kutcher.”

Using Ashton Kutcher, the King of Twitter, was sheer genius on the part of the Berghs School students that put together this project. It is pretty obvious that, although they have called their project ‘Don’t Tell Ashton’, they want him to find out about it. They say that, when the artwork is completed, they hope to give it to Ashton “as a gesture of ‘big up & keep up the good work with being a bigger frickin’ megaphone than any news channel on the planet.'”

The project is sure to be a big hit, as Twitter users join the artwork to see how influential they are in comparison to other users. What do you think of the idea? Are you going to become a part of this Twitter masterpiece?

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