Don Lemon Keeps it Real

If you were expecting Dog the Bounty Hunter, you were probably a bit surprised.

image1If you tuned into CNN Tonight last night thinking you’d find Dog the Bounty Hunter looking for the escaped New York convicts, you were in for a surprise.

Only hours after his appearance on Glenn Beck‘s radio program to discuss political correctness in America, CNN’s Don Lemon began his show with “a word and a flag” — but not just any word and not just any flag.

Giving the minimal amount of f*cks, the CNN anchor held up a Confederate flag and a sign displaying the n-word, asking his audience: “Does this offend you?”

Playing right into the hands of the self-proclaimed Twitter King, the Internet went bonkers — with many believing that Lemon’s actions were simply the pursuit of shock value. Earlier on Monday, Lemon had told Beck: “I’ve been called a bigot and a racist by the right and I’ve been called a bigot and a racist by the left.” He added that he’s also been labelled a “sellout” or an “Uncle Tom” because he doesn’t believe in “pandering.”

All of this comes amidst the backdrop of another PC controversy. On Monday morning, President Obama’s interview on Marc Maron‘s WTF Podcast was released, sparking a national debate over the appropriateness of the president’s use of the ‘n-word’ and whether its usage was actually getting at a much larger issue.

So, did the journalist go too far? You decide.

Watch clip, courtesy of CNN.

Listen to Lemon on Beck’s show, courtesy of The Blaze.

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