Donald Trump Ducks Larry King’s ‘From the Heart’ Question

Though good friends with podcast hosts Larry and Shawn King, Trump chooses not to answer.

BackandForthPodcastA missed opportunity. The second question asked of Donald Trump on this week’s episode of PodcastOne program Back & Forth was a perfect and friendly opening for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to address a conundrum of his tough stance on U.S. immigration.

Here’s the “from the heart” question posed by Larry King, who co-hosts the weekly show with wife Shawn:

”Supposing a guy came over to you and he said, ‘I was an illegal immigrant 20 years ago. I took a job picking something in the fields in California and now I’m the foreman there, I got two children, one is a high school athlete, another – my daughter – is into gymnastics.”

“’I’ve been here illegally for 15-20 years. You want me to go back!?’”

Trump chose not to answer, segueing instead to his familiar mantra about nefarious elements crossing over the porous Mexico-U.S. border. When Larry pressed again, Trump said his immigration policies will be applied “with heart, but it will be done properly.”

From there, it was on to King’s ideas for the wall Trump wants to build (make it a Trump resort) and The Donald pointing to the Great Wall of China as a reminder that long-wall projects, then as now, are perfectly feasible.

This is the 52nd episode of Back & Forth, which got rolling with first guest Martin Short and featured, this past summer, one of Jackie Collinsfinal interviews.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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