Don’t Drive Drunk This Holiday, or You’ll be Pulled Over by RoboCop

We’ve seen a ton of promotional tie-ins between products and Hollywood films as of late (Ron Burgundy Scotch or ice cream or Durangos, anyone?), but this PSA tie-in isn’t trying to sell you a product so much as a conscience.

Holiday anti-drunk-driving PSAs are par for the course this time of year (and rightly so), but how can the creative minds behind such important public service messages ensure that people are really listening? Well, if the thought of harming yourself or another person doesn’t dissuade you from downing a few cocktails and getting behind the wheel, and the idea of being pulled over by a state trooper doesn’t strike fear into your heart, maybe the threat of being admonished by RoboCop himself will get your attention.

At least that seems to be the thinking behind the below PSA/movie promo for the reboot of the 80’s classic. Behind the spot is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which backs its classic “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” slogan with new cyborg-grade force.

So, drive safe this weekend; RoboCop “thank you for your cooperation.”

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