Don’t Get Breakfast With Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz

I always do my firing in the morning because that’s when I’m fresh. I mean, why sit there all day thinking: I’m going to fire Joe at 4:59?

The joke was never have breakfast with Carol, because it’s not a real safe thing to do. Anybody who knows me knows I don’t do breakfast. If I’m going to get up early in the morning to meet with somebody, there’s a reason.

Listen, you don’t want to send somebody home. But if something isn’t working, it’s not working for either side. If you do it right, when all’s said and done, there’s amazing relief.

“Here’s why it didn’t work, and my advice for you as you’re going to another job is this is a characteristic that works or doesn’t work, why don’t you think about that? And by the way, don’t do this kind of work again because you’re really not suited to it.”

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