Don’t You Wish You Worked in One of These ‘Cool’ Offices?

We have no doubt that your agency has a very “cool” office; at the very least we can guarantee that it’s cooler than our office, which amounts to “the IKEA desk in our bedroom where we scroll through our Twitter feed for nine hours a day”. But the work spaces in this little piece of share-bait from the BBC are still pretty impressive, and we’re happy to report that Facebook, Google and Twitter do not make an appearance because WOW we are sick of hearing about how great it would be to work in Silicon Valley.

Check out these “beach hut” meeting rooms from London-based Man Bites Dog PR, whose office includes “a full-length indoor pier” inspired by its Brighton locale.

A couple more are worth a look.

Here’s Widen + Kennedy London‘s “padded cell” meeting room:

And check out the fake grass floors beneath the desks at healthy beverage maker Innocent Drinks:

Lots of pastels going on in these spaces, but we can still dig it.

And again, we know how cool your office is, so feel free to update us.

(Pics via the BBC, because please don’t sue us)

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