Double Music Player App Plays Two Different Songs at the Same Time

Double Music Player was probably invented out of frustration of having to share the only player among multiple listeners. Who doesn’t want the pleasure of never being forced to listen to bad music? Just get your own ear bud and assume that your small bubble of private music will keep you forever alone.

It did occur to me that perhaps I am alone in thinking that sharing and compromise makes for great relationships. Imagine being on a road trip with family or friends and everyone just dancing and humming to their own private music paradise – it’s kind of a weird scenario. Sure, it’s bound to stop the bickering, fighting, and screaming during family trips but where’s the fun in listening to great music if you can’t make those around you listen to the same amazing songs? You can trade them like candy – I’ll listen to one Taylor Swift song if you let me play one Joanna Newsom.

Via Gizmodo

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