DoubleTwist Integrates With Android Market

I have written several posts about different apps and web sites that provide better access to the Android Market from desktop computers. Today I learned that DoubleTwist is incorporating the Android Market into their media manager program. DoubleTwist provides the functionality of Apple’s iTunes for non-Apple devices. While the latest buzz about this product is with Android, it also works with Blackberries, and the Palm Pre.

DoubleTwist mimics iTunes in every way. It scans your PC for music, pictures, and video and will then synchronize that media with an Android phone. The music store functionality is provided by Amazon, and you can buy music directly within DoubleTwist and have it stored in the DoubleTwist library. A recent update to DoubleTwist added the ability to subscribe to podcasts and synchronize them to your phone. The remaining piece to the puzzle was to add an App Store, and a beta of an upcoming release shows that functionality will be provided by a front end to the Android Market. What I cannot tell is whether DoubleTwist will provide a different store for Blackberry users, or if this feature will only be available for Android phones.

App purchases and downloads are not done directly within DoubleTwist. Instead, the program provides the ability to browse the Android Market and presents a QR code for each application. You can then snap a picture of the QR code to install the application using the Android Market on your phone. DoubleTwist is currently available as a free beta for both Windows and OS X and is available for download from their web site.